BANG! 2nd Round starts

Sport eXperience proudly presents the new class, starting May 9. We welcome the entrepreneurs every Monday until June 6. We accelerate these innovations in five Mondays. June 23 they present their progressions and plans during our Sport eXperience event at the SX Eindhoven CARVER The first full body trainer bike for outside: Carver. After many years of intensive development Carver is ready to go to market. Carver is now looking for an international business partner or brand to let the world know they are out there to make you move. FREESENSE SOLUTIONS FreeSense Solutions joins this program to explore the

Sport eXperience update #3 2016

With the first edition, Sport eXperience learned a lot. After 100 interviews we got the feeling The Netherlands was ready for Sport eXperience. In November 2015 we decided to start. That’s the biggest lesson we learned, DO IT! We didn’t have anything to lose, we could only win. And it exceeded our expectations. And still being critical on what, how and why we do this. We move forward rapidly! With our experience we made the acceleration we hoped for. Four Dutch companies worked in a real open innovation setting. All at one table, sharing knowledge and being critical to eachother.

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Sport eXperience is the first and only Sports Accelerator in The Netherlands. We work closely together with sports related associations, companies and governmental organisations. All these stakeholders gather at our stadium at the SX building Eindhoven where around 50 companies work daily on sport, marketing and media. Just like us you can also tap into this extensive network and outside. Our aim is to improve society with sports innovation. Your sports innovation After the first successful edition, Sport eXperience offers from May 9 you the opportunity to participate with your innovation. By offering the desired structure, coaching and inspiration your